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Alabama Gambling

is a Bad Bet!

This is not the peoples’ lottery bill but a casino bill.

Full-tilt gambling could spread across Alabama should the House of Representatives approve legislation passed earlier by the state’s Senate. Casino-style gambling and sports betting are all included in legislation now before the House.

 Widespread casino gambling and sports betting will be disastrous for Alabama families and communities. Alabama wants a clean retail lottery not casino gambling.



Donald Trump Jr. calls this a “bad bill” and a “special interest giveaway."

The Alabama Republican Assembly explains their opposition to Senate Bill 319, which would legalize gambling in the state and would authorize as many as nine casinos across the state.

The Alabama Citizens Action Program (Alcap), “Alabama’s moral compass,” presents an excellent response to Governor Kay Ivey’s Gambling Policy Study Committee, which explains the truths behind state-sponsored gambling.

Stop Predatory Gambling provides a great overview of why commercialized gambling is different than any other Business.

What Can I Do?

Contact your member of the House of Representatives and tell them to


on all gambling legislation!

Click here to see a list of state representatives along with their e-mail addresses and phone numbers.